Gospel latte


The Gospel Latte ® Venue promotes worshipping the Lord in spirit, song, dance and other creative worship expressions-Psalm 150:1-6; John 4:24



The Gospel Latte ® Venue strives to share the gospel of Jesus Christ . Mark 16:15

Gospel Latte ® is a Christian Coffee House venue of live worship, spoken Word, Gospel rap, live paint, poetry and other creative worship expressions

The Gospel Latte ® Venue is a Christian outreach ministry of Joel 2:25 Ministry.

It provides a venue for youth, young adults and the young -at-heart, to share various creative worship expressions in (poetry, spoken word, gospel rap, live art, worship dance, interactive media, mime etc.)

The Gospel Latte® Venue uses Christian music and other creative worship arts as a catalyst to establish a relationship that will allow us to have a positive impact and build a bridge to Jesus Christ and an area church home.